A Message from Your Council President

A Message from Your Council President

Submitted by Beth Ford

I am writing this from the beach where Mike and I are over laughing, over sunning, and over eating with our children, children in law, 4 year old Olivia and 2 year old Emory. There is that old phrase about how if I had known how much fun being a grandparent was, I would have done it first.

I knew that grandparenthood would be great fun, but I had not thought beyond the not being ultimately responsible and the being able to spoil small children who were not mine. Oh, and the being able to hand off the crying, stinky baby!

However, being at the beach with time to sit and watch has helped me identify why being a grandparent is such a valuable gift. It is an extension of parenthood. There is more of a chance to be in the moment and to really appreciate the wonder of children. I can sit and listen to what they have to say and notice how their conversations have changed since the last time that I saw them, not just a change in vocabulary but a change in their abilities to observe, think, and even problem solve. It is really a wondrous experience. It is so different from what I remember or do not remember about the 1980’s and 1990’s when Gwyn and Gavin were growing up.

That is how this between time/interim has been for me, and I hope, for you. It is a time to be in the moment, to watch, to listen, and to think about where we have been, where we are, and where we might go. The experience of the cottage meetings and the discoveries of Pastor Larry’s calls to people whom we no longer see will be so helpful in figuring out what comes next. There were so many positives that came out of the meetings and the calls. I was particularly struck by how people really have a sense of family here. Even when people eventually left because they could not agree with decisions made in the church, many people stayed for a long time because this is the place to which they felt connected. We love each other, and we have cared for each other. That is, certainly, one of our biggest strengths.

It is because of that strong ability to care that we are going to invite others to see what we do here, and maybe along the way, we will even learn how to better care for our neighbors. (Although that was not much of a segue, I am going with it.) Messiah’s Community Cares will be a series of speakers who will teach us to care for our neighbors and our Messiah family. The first in the series will be about care giving, a role that most of us will experience in our lives. Marjorie Thompson, a well known speaker and author, will lead the full day event on Saturday, August 11. There is a $25 cost, but scholarships are available. More information is in this Messenger. Also, we will be having events about church safety, keeping our children safe, and a health fair on October 6. (If you have suggestions for topics for future event, let me know.)

Being able to sit and observe what is going on right now is such a wonderful opportunity. Let’s enjoy the moment!


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