A Message from your Council President

A Message from  your Council President

By: Beth Ford, 2018 Council President 

Sometimes I wait late in the year before I do what many people do at the first of the year when it is resolution time. I just do not always have time to spend in self examination in the middle of the holidays, the end of the semester, regular work, and the general busyness of December and January. This year that self reflection did not happen until June. Better late than never.

During my week at the beach without the company of grandchildren, I did a great deal of walking by myself. As an extrovert, that is not really my favorite activity, but this year it seemed different. The solitude was very productive. (Side note: One of the books that I read at the beach was Lead Yourself First: Inspiring Leadership through Solitude by Judge Kethledge of the Sixth Circuit.) I actually solved some thorny work problems on my walks.

I, also, thought about how I could be a better employer, spouse, mother, friend, and member of the Messiah family. I have a great deal of work to do on all of those things. Slowing down and paying attention are two areas where I fail. I am trying harder to do those things. As a part of the slowing down, I am not actually journaling but I am writing more down at the end of the day, including ideas and quotes of others that I want to remember.

On June 23, I wrote “Church is not perfect. It is practice.” which is a line from “Love Big, Be Well” by Winn Collier. Isn’t that the truth?

We try, but we are still flawed human beings who often disagree with those we love and who fail to love and take care of those who need our help. We have financial challenges, and we have difficult tasks and decisions about our next pastor ahead. We will be meeting together on August 12, September 9, October 14, and November 11 at 12:30 as the next steps in the transition plan. After those meetings, a nominating committee will present a slate of council and call committee candidates. That will be followed by a congregational meeting to vote. Please keep us all in prayer during this time.

We are, also, practicing well here at Messiah, and our practice is doing good things. Just read in this edition of the Messenger about “Courage for Caregivers,” a series for grieving, a health fair, plans for our children, Brothers at Messiah, and on and on. Best of all, we are “loving big.”


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