A Message from Your Council President

A Message from Your Council President

I am daily amazed at the connections that I discover in my life. How often have you discovered a relationship between people who did not know each other? Or, do you find that the same issues being discussed at work show up in the news or in discussions with friends? This week I found overlap in a reading that I was studying for Leadership Knoxville and our journey here at Messiah. We have a textbook called Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, Practicing the Wisdom of Leading by Serving by Sipe and Frick. There was a section about change. The chapter begins with the conclusion that change is inevitable but growth is optional. Between change and growth, one often has to deal with crisis. In other words, we have to get through the crisis before we can focus on what the opportunities presented by change might be.

I do not think that Messiah Lutheran Church is exactly in crisis, but we are certainly at a place where we need to step back, take a deep breath, and let God help us move forward. The book lists several keys to discussing and moving through change which I think are helpful for us here.

  1. Constantly communicate information about change. The council is trying very hard to do this. You should hear from us and have a chance to talk with us. Council members have blue name tags and will be making weekly announcements that encourage further communication. Look in the bulletin inserts and read the Messenger. Read the complete council minutes and financial reports in the binder in the narthex. If you do not think that you are hearing enough, speak up.
  2. Listen with attentive presence. Everyone should have received an invitation to a cottage meeting. This is about listening. Come so that you can be heard.
  3. Attend to self-care during times of change. We need to focus even more on loving and caring for each other during this time of transition. To help with that, we will be sponsoring a series of speakers for our community of faith and for those in the community outside our four walls. Topics will include care giving, dealing with grief, protecting the vulnerable, and safety. Stay tuned for more. Let me know if you are interested in helping to plan.
  4. Acknowledge the challenge of change.  I think that I can check that one off. Although change is a challenge, it is not insurmountable. After all, we have the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and all is right.

Peace and much love,



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