A Note from the Church Office

Mulitcolor Paperdolls holding hands around a lighted candle
Kristin Kennedy

Once again I’m going to remind you to reach out to your fellow members with phone calls and cards.

I’ve heard so many of you express how much you long to be back in community, how you long to be in the presence of the family of Messiah. No surprise! We were created to be in relationship. So our very nature is thrown out of whack by these days of pandemic when we can’t gather in community.

Is there a fellow member who just keeps popping up in your thoughts? Have you wondered how someone is getting along during these dismal days? Is there someone you haven’t seen or heard about for the past several months? Could it be that God is tugging at your heart to reach out to them? I am one who believes that God does work like that – putting someone on our minds so that we can choose to reach out to them. So, the next time someone comes to mind, why not just pick up the phone and give them a call?  One thing is certain – you will both be blessed by the human, relational contact.

Remember — God loves you and so do I!



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