A Note from the Church Office

Kristin Kennedy

Last Thursday morning, I picked up our quarterly KARM cards which we distribute to our neighbors-in-need as their needs require. We receive these cards because of your general contributions to KARM.

THANK YOU for helping our neighbors-in-need by your donations to KARM’s Corners of Your Field program!!!

During April, May and June, KARM Stores received 60 donations of gently-used items as well as volunteer time from those connected to Messiah Lutheran Church. As a token of their appreciation, they shared $220 in gifts cards with the hope that we can bless those in the community in a tangible way.

In case you are unaware, when you drop off a donation at an area KARM Store or drop off location, you can simply tell them that you want your donation connected to Messiah Lutheran Church through the Corners of Your Field program. You will still get your tax-deductible donation record as well as a coupon to any of their stores. They will connect your gift to Messiah and credit us so that we receive gift cards which we, in turn, gift to those who stop by needing shoes or clothes for work or, as the weather is changing, a blanket to keep warm at night, etc.

KARM made picking up our cards so easy by having a drive-up table set up in front of their soon-to-open Christmas store located in the Home Depot parking lot in the Cedar Bluff area of Kingston Pike. They expect to open that store next week or the week after. So be watching for that if you are in the market for some good Christmas decoration bargains. 

In the meantime, KARM has opportunities for volunteers in all kinds of areas.  There are things from preparing mailings to sorting donations to helping set up store displays. Many hands are needed and they will work with you to meet your level of comfort in whatever volunteer effort you participate. So, if you are interested in that, please visit their website – https://karm.org/volunteerlandingpage/

They are also gearing up for the annual Coats for the Cold Drive. So start thinking about gathering coats, sweaters and jackets that you no longer wear or need.  (Volunteers will also be needed in that area.) As in the past, your donations do not need to be cleaned as Prestige Cleaners does that work for KARM. 

As always, thank you for your generosity to our neighbors-in-need!

On another note – The October, November, December issue of the Christ in Our Home devotional booklets have arrived.  Many were delivered with the OWLs meals this morning, but there are still copies available.  Please stop by and pick up your copy. If you need to stop in the evening or early morning when we aren’t here, or if you want a hands-free pick-up,  just let me know and I can tape a copy to the door for you. I can also mail you a copy if necessary. 

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful week!


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