A Note from the Church Office

A Note from the Church Office

There are so many in need and so much information about what is happening around Covid-19 out there these days that it’s hard to keep up with it all. And it’s even more difficult for us to disseminate information that comes to us but which may have particular interest to you individually. 

So why not sign up to receive at least two informative newsletters yourselves?

Compassion Coalition’s Monday afternoon Bulletin Board provides up-to-date information on individuals and agencies needing assistance, volunteers, food pantries that are available, and many other tidbits of local news to assist our neighbors in need right here in our community.  Sign up here to receive this weekly communique. (You’ll find the sign up link toward the bottom of the page.)

Keep in the loop with all that is going on within our Southeastern Synod by signing up for their emails as well.  Go to https://www.elca-ses.org/  Their subscription sign up is on the right side bar toward the bottom. You will receive news and updates from Bishop Kevin Strickland, notification of Synod events and worship services, and much, much more. It’s a great way to be informed of things happening within our Southeastern Synod and within the ELCA. 

 Blessings of joy to you for this week!



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