A Note from the Church Office

Artistic pursuit

As I write this, I have my seven year old granddaughter Olivia with me in the office. She needed a break!  A break from being confined to home for the past five months. A break from her little sister. A break from their new puppy. A break from the anxiety of worrying about second grade. So a retreat to Grammie’s was in order for the remainder of the week. And what a welcome break for me too!! The joy and blessing of being together is such good medicine! It is most certainly breaking up the monotony of these long Covid days. Plus – she just makes me smile! 

Olivia is working on the cards for the art project Anne Driskill sent to each of you. So this is a little reminder to find those cards, let your creativity loose, and do something fun. Then mail them back to us or drop them by the office so Anne can work her creative magic and design them into something special and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what she creates from all your creativity!!! 

Praying each of you moments of joy, light and creativity in these long days. 



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