A Note from the Church Office

Thank You Graphic
Kristin Kennedy

A big, huge THANK YOU you goes to Laura Nutzell for all her hard behind-the-scenes work in boosting our social media presence. Thank you, Laura!!

If you haven’t already noticed all the postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter recently, please go check them out. The posts have been generating great conversation, beautiful inspirations, and thought-provoking topics. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…and give us a like or follow on the social media channel you prefer!

Big thanks to Rylie Miller, Jaclyn Levy, and Pastor Susan for adding additional items to those posts and further boosting our reach into the community.  And a shout out of thanks to Roger, Jake and Rylie Miller for their work and attentiveness in producing and posting our LIVE worship each week. 

All these things take time and dedication and we truly appreciate the efforts! It takes a team and these folks make quite an awesome digital and social media team!  



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