A Note from the Parish Nurse

Laughing Ballons

Greetings dear ones!

Mary Sophia Hawks Parish NUrch

 Thank you all for your calls, goodies, and prayers. The cataract surgery went well, and I am seeing 20/20 out of my left eye. The glaucoma stent was defective, and when they attempted to place another one, it wouldn’t stay in. However, my pressure is down four points. As my friend Dixie says, “You can’t have everything, where would you put it?” 

I continue to receive funnies from quite a few of you. As we discussed in our OWLs meeting last month, humor is an essential part of the human condition. It encourages deep breathing, improves circulation, and lifts mood. Find time each day for laughter. 

As our August seems to get hotter and more humid, keep up with your hydration. Water, tea, lemonade, fruits. Limit your time outdoors to early morning and later evening. Being a mosquito magnet, I prefer early morning with coffee and bird song on my porch. In closing, “I told my suitcases there would be no vacation this year. Now I’m dealing with emotional baggage.” 

May the God of humor, love, compassion, and healing be with you all. 

Mary Sophia


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