A Note from the Parish Nurse

Red Apple with Heart carved in it, stethescope
Mary Sophia Hawks Parish NUrch

October greetings!

This week I am finalizing the OWLS presentation for next week. The Knox County Planning Commission has released their report on seniors in Knox County. The information has ramifications for all age groups. We will be reviewing the study and having conversation about how this affects our community. If you are not attending OWLS and would like the link, please email me.

I am creating an email list of all the churches in the Southeastern Synod. There is no information available about other parish nurses in our synod, so I will be contacting churches. My hope is to foster relationships with other parish nurses, and to provide education about parish nursing to our congregations.

Please remember to check your mental health as we enter our seventh month of COVID-19. There are numerous resources available. Most counselors, including Helen Ross McNabb Center, are offering telehealth visits. It is hard to cope with the unknown. Please know that we are here for you and have you in our prayers.

Peace and good health,

Mary Sophia


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