A Note From the Parish Nurse

A Note From the Parish Nurse

Grace and peace to each of you. 

In this very uncertain time, we wonder what will come next. We are unsettled, fragile, and unsure. Our routines and schedules have been altered to the point we no longer recognize them. The society we live in has always led us to the belief that we are in charge. And now, we realize we never were. Some of us are frightened, some of us are angry, and most of us are fighting depression. 

God pulls us toward Him, reminding us that He will be with us and that we do not need to fear. God reminds us that He has “overcome the world”. Pour out your concerns to God, as He truly cares for you. 

I urge you to reach out to Pastor Susan and myself. We will listen and provide support. Remember that this is a season we have never seen. So be kind to your neighbors, call your friends, and reach out for help when needed. There is no shame in realizing that none of us knows what to expect or how to cope. 

A reminder about masks. If you come to the church, you need to wear a mask. Please remember that to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the mask must cover your nose and your mouth. 

May God continue to hold you in His sheltering arms, 

Mary Sophia


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