A Note from the Parish Nurse

Laughing Ballons
Mary Sophia Hawks Parish NUrch

Last week, the OWLS had an incredibly fun Zoom meeting! We played true or false with each other with hilarious facts and fictions. It was wonderful to see smiling faces and hear laughter! I was also thrilled to see how they worked together to come up with answers. 

Humor is an essential need of the human spirit. It must be nurtured. That is hard to do in this difficult time where there never seems to be an end to bad news, and we are isolated from each other. So, we must come up with creative ways to find humor. 

I have several television shows that I watch when I need some laughter therapy. Carol Burnett, What’s My Line, MASH, and Andy Griffith are my favorites. I also have several comedians I like to watch on Netflix. I look for funny GIFs to cheer me up. I call friends and tell funny stories about my dogs. Looking on the internet for the OWLS Zoom led me to many funny items. 

What do you do to nurture your humor? 

Here’s a true story about my youngest son, Michael, at the age of 5.

We were out in the yard trimming and weed eating. We were using the long-handled loppers to trim some tree branches. Michael begged to use the loppers. Due to his history of safety issues, we didn’t let him.
A little later, I went to use the electric weed eater and it wouldn’t start. I went to the garage to see if it got unplugged. Instead, I found the cord cut almost all the way through and the loppers nearby! I freaked out, then unplugged the cord.

I called Michael into the garage and asked him if he knew what had happened. He immediately dropped his head. Then came this little voice, “I really wanted to use the loppers.” I told him he could have been electrocuted or burned down the house. His response? “But mom, I stopped when the sparks started!!” 

I hope that nurtured your humor. Please continue to take care of yourselves.

Blessings and hugs,

Mary Sophia