A Note From The Parish Nurse

A Note From The Parish Nurse

God’s blessings to each of you! 

As I watch my container garden grow with yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil, I am reminded of God’s loving care for us. God knows just what my garden needs. Food, water, soil, and light. Just as God knows what each plant needs, He knows what each of you need. Food, both physical and spiritual; water, both physical and transformational; soil, both physical roots and spiritual grounding; and LIGHT, both physical, spiritual, and God’s word.

During this time of the unknown, where everything changes day by day, be reminded that God is always with you. Take care of your physical and spiritual bodies. Get outside each day in your outdoor space. Feel the sun on your face, hear the birds, feel the ground with your bare feet. Nurture your physical body with healthy foods, clean water, and a small amount of sunshine. Nourish your spiritual body with scripture, good books, phone calls and porch sitting. Reach out when you need help, or you feel lonely, or you are afraid, or you are anxious. All the staff is available by phone during business hours.

We are continuing to work on a church re-opening plan. However, numbers in Knox County (and throughout our country and the world) continue to grow since re-opening. We are not there yet.

I am excited for next week’s OWL’s Zoom meeting, as we are offering meals for pickup/delivery for our participant. Steve Hess and Bridgewater Place have been instrumental in setting this up. I look forward to your RSVPs.
In love and service,

Mary Sophia