A Note from Your Parish Nurse…

A Note from Your Parish Nurse...

Grace and peace to each of you. 

As I speak with you, I am continually amazed at your resilience. Please know that this situation will require much more flexibility and resilience as we go forward. I am sure there are days that are beyond difficult. On those difficult days, please reach out to me or Pastor Susan. You are not alone! Even if you live alone, we are all one through Jesus Christ. We are not alone. God is with us.

I am grateful to serve at a church that takes a stand against racism, hatred and violence. These are scary times, but we are already seeing the violence slow down. Take heart, God says, for I have overcome the world. No matter what happens, God will walk with us.

I am continuing to do all the things I have told you in previous emails. This week, I am attending another webinar on preparing to re-open the church. Pastor Susan and I agree that Knox County is not where it needs to be to ensure the safety of returning to church services. The active case count is now up to 101, which is an increase of 52 since 5-29-20. COVID-19 is proving very unpredictable. Please continue to hand-wash frequently, wear masks, social distance and make wise choices. Together we can help our community.

Love and Blessings,

Mary Sophia


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