Adult Sunday School Series

Adult Sunday School Series

Caring for Our Neighbors in Need

This class will run for three weeks beginning Sunday, April 28. Members of Messiah’s Benevolence Team (Gloria Frye and Kristin Kennedy) will lead the sessions with guest speakers from Compassion Coalition and Knoxville Police Department.

WEEK 1–April 28. Carolyn Hansen of Compassion Coalition will be with us to share her wealth of knowledge and experience from her years working at Compassion Coalition. She will bring thoughts and perspective on how to respond to and help those less fortunate in our community. She will give us an overview of who are the needy in our midst, how to talk to those who might approach us for help, why giving them cash is not a good idea, and how to maintain a safety zone and establish boundaries. She will also provide information and tools for referrals to agencies that are already in place and ready to help. Come gain a broad perspective of who the needy are in our community and ways to help without hurting.

WEEK 2–May 5. Officer Thomas Clinton of the Knoxville Police Department CBID/Homeless Outreach will talk about his work with the homeless of Knoxville, particularly those who live “under the bridge.” His stories can be heart-wrenching but bring great awareness to how and why this community exists. He will offer ways to help as well as share about things that are not helpful. He has a true heart for his ministry and mission with these folks. You won’t want to miss hearing him.

WEEK 3–May 12. Gloria and Kristin will share how the Benevolence Team here at Messiah operates. They will share stories of how Messiah’s benevolence funds have helped our neighbors over the years and give tips on how to approach “that lady sleeping outside the sanctuary doors,” or what to do when someone approaches you in the parking lot.

All classes will provide time for your questions and concerns. Please plan to join us!


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