How We Care

We believe that caring for one another during the milestones of life is integral in forming and sustaining this faith community. We welcome newcomers into this community as if they have been here all their lives.

Facilitated by our Associate Pastor, Parish Nurse, and Messiah’s Congregation CARE team, here is a brief overview of the ministries under our CARE umbrella:

  • Caregiver Support
  • Crisis Support
  • Pastoral Care – facilitated by pastors and parishioners
  • Grief Support
  • Eucharistic Ministry – bringing Communion to those in special circumstances
  • Welcome Ministry – following up with people who visit
  • Worship Care – following up with those who have been absent
  • OWLs (Older Wiser Lutherans) – monthly luncheon and program
  • Homebound Ministries – visits, mailings, flowers, cards
  • Shepherds Groups – contact persons for regular personal touch for homebound
  • OWLs (Older Wiser Lutherans) Support – facilitating transportation, scholarships, resources, for elder members and neighbors
  • Fellowship Ministry – Sunday morning coffee fellowship; suppers during Lent and Advent; Easter Brunch; Summer Brunches; Dinner Groups, “Under the Elms” Picnic

Messiah Care Visit Report
If you have made a visit to a homebound member or one who is in a care facility, please tell us about it. Your feedback is very important. Responses are confidential. Please notify the parish nurser or one of the pastors.
Click here to access report.