Jul 2018
A Message from Your Council President

Submitted by Beth Ford I am writing this from the beach where Mike and I are over laughing, over sunning, and over eating with our children, children in law, 4 year old Olivia and 2 year old Emory. There is that old phrase about how if I had known how much fun being a grandparent was, I would have done it first. I knew that grandparenthood would be great fun, but I had not thought beyond the not being ultimately responsible and the being able to spoil small children who were not......

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May 2018
Epiphanies from a Wildflower Hike

Submitted by Marta Murrell  | Photographs Courtesy of Larry Warren The day after the hike through the woods in Norris, planned and led by Larry Warren, and before my muscles had time to send signals to my brain about how sore they were, it struck me that in a way our Messiah community is in the woods. Things shifted in our shared faith home when our pastors left. It’s not like there were no  challenges before; some of our current challenges have existed for a while, and some others are new.  Maybe......

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