Dedication of Wooden Communion Ware

Dedication of Wooden Communion Ware

About a hundred years ago, two elm seedlings sprouted side by side along Thunder Road. As the years passed, the twin elms stretched into the sky with a magnificent shade canopy: majestic markers along Kingston Pike. For generations as Messiah sprouted and grew, young and old enjoyed church picnics under their broad expanse. They became beloved members of the Messiah family.

Around Thanksgiving 2016, one of them fell. Time had taken its toll, and the Messiah family grieved. Several weeks later, an arborist brought the bad news: the ravages of age had brought the surviving tree to a precarious stage. It must also come down. The family grieved – and pondered how to preserve the memory of the blessings of the elms.

What better way than through the promise of new life at the altar? And so, on June 10th, we dedicated a five-piece elm communion set: two large bread platters, a smaller plate as a candle holder, and two bowls for use to collect the wine glass miniatures.

For many years, Richard Hammat served as head of operations for a Knoxville-area manufacturer. In retirement, he re-found his fascination for God’s created wonder expressed in the beauty of natural wood. Dick’s woodworking skills have blessed many homes through stunning works of turned art – with several pieces currently displayed at McGhee-Tyson airport.

We return thanks to God for the blessing of those majestic trees and the skill in crafting beautiful mementos to commemorate them – for it is to God alone the glory.


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