From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Reverend Larry K. Richardson

Pastor Larry K. Richardson

We enter the month of April deep in Lent and exit with the celebration of Easter. A significant spiritual transition, not unlike our daily transition from sleep of night to a new day. We are not, however, asleep during Lent; it is rather a time to consider our Baptism into Christ and our new life in Christ.

In fact, the quality of our Lenten journey determines the joy of our Easter. We are called to contemplate our mortality on Ash Wednesday and continue to contemplate our life journey throughout the 40 days. If we simply skip from the beginning of Lent to the joy of Easter, our celebration is shallow. But the very message of Lent is, “There is still time.” The days lengthen as if to emphasize this opportunity.

From the depths of our Lenten journey, Christ calls to us. We answer that call with remorse for our sins and thanksgiving for the grace of God.

The Day of the Resurrection approaches; the promise of life in Christ is fulfilled!


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