Messiah Enters the Digital Media Age

Messiah Enters the Digital Media Age

Submitted by Laura Nutzell, Social Media Coordinator

Years ago when I was kid, I remember getting the mail for Mom. Once a month I’d see the brightly colored pages of the “Messiah Messenger” in the mailbox. Mom would read the entire newsletter, and put the calendar page on the fridge.

But with time and technology, we moved to email, and used the print version less. (But until the day the she passed away, Mom always put the Messenger calendar page on the fridge. ❤️)

When we are ready to call a new pastor, what is one of the first things he or she is going to do? Google us. Facebook stalk us. Prospective new members will Google and check us out on social media as well.

Thanks to Cassie Alsup, we have a beautiful website. If you haven’t visited it, you should.  It is gorgeous and easy to use. Despite the website, Council realized Messiah needed to beef up its digital presence.

That’s where I come in.

Even though I am easing back into congregational life, I wanted to to help  immediately. I volunteered to spearhead the church’s social media “ministry” so I could use my God given talents to help the church I love.

The “Messenger” is NOT going away. Print versions are available in Narthex. The PDF is still emailed monthly, and is available on the website. We have also added a blog to the website. We post a new article (from the Messenger) on the website weekly.

Right now, Messiah is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. If you are on any of these social media channels, and you haven’t liked or followed us, please do. We aren’t going to clog up your news feed or stream with a lot of posts…cross my heart! If you aren’t active on social media and want to be, I’ve written a tutorial  to help you get set up on the networks Messiah uses. (You can pick up a copy from the information desk in the Narthex or request a PDF1 copy from Kristin.

Here is what you can expect to find on each social media channel…


  • Events
  • Photographs
  • Articles
  • Inspirational videos
  • Sermon Links
  • Blog Posts

In other words, content you are interested in seeing and sharing. Don’t be shy; share and comment away. This page is for YOU and to strengthen our community of faith.


  • Sermon Links

If you miss church, or if you want to share the sermon with someone, now you can from your tablet or smartphone. We also have audio links posted on the website. Both the videos and audio files are published Thursdays, and we send out the links via Facebook and Twitter.


  • Event photos
  • Event videos
  • “Spiritual Snacks” (These are bible verses or prayers taken from the ELCA Daily Lectionary.)

How can YOU help? Take photographs when you come to an event, check in on Facebook, tweet a meaningful line from a sermon. We want YOU to share what makes Messiah a special community.

Martin Luther leveraged the printing press to put God’s Word into the hands of everyday people. In fact, Luther is quoted as saying the printing press was the “highest act of God’s grace.”

With social media, it means God’s grace and your church community is in the palm of your hand…not on the fridge.