Messiah’s Cottage Meetings Wrap Up

Messiah's Cottage Meetings Wrap Up

Messiah’s Cottage Meetings have been completed. There were thirteen Cottage Meetings held between April 15 and May 13. These meetings were attended by 97 people, in small groups of between 6 and 10 attendees. Many thanks to the facilitators: Pastor Larry, Debbie Hampstead, Pastor Norma, and Marta Murrell; and many thanks to the hosts: Norm & Doris Featherston, Illy Wood, Georgia & Ray Phillippi, Mary Ellen Whitson, Larry & Deanna Moeller, Debbie & Bob Hampstead, Tim & Marta Murrell, Jaclyn Levy and Beth Ford & Mike Driskill.

Discussion themes were varied. They are reported below:

  • Request for more information regarding the Badenhop Endowment.
  • Need for greeters at both worship services.
  • Concern about audio volume in the sanctuary & hymns difficult to sing.
  • Contemporary worship?
  • Enjoyment of the robust music ministry.
  • Worship – traditional; Music – eclectic.
  • Concern that shut-ins have a chance to participate in Cottage Meetings.
  • Could the Fish Program be revived?
  • There is a pervasive desire to help people through outreach. (& INVITE)
  • Welcoming statement mentioned with gratitude many times/groups.
  • Could we have more diverse groups: Bible study, singles, interest, family?
  • Can Messiah have a mentoring program for interns again?
  • Concern that Messiah remain a “welcoming” & “Reconciling in Christ” church.
  • Desire for good communication.
  • Great children’s sermons by Pastor Larry.
  • Pain of “something old” falling apart all of a sudden.
  • Is Messiah a pastoral-size church or a program-size church?
  • Fear of the future/grief over the loss of many members & both pastors.
  •  Messiah is “home”, a “family” of faith, a support system for all.
  • How about an art display by local artists of all ages?
  • Will we have one or two pastors in the future?
  • Feelings of disruption and chaos.
  • Realization that change is constant.
  • “My heart is still full” even after all the losses of the past few years.
  • There is sadness, anticipation and excitement at this time of transition.
  • Will there be a follow-up meeting?

In answer to the last item above, yes, was a “wrap-up” meeting for all , (whether you attended a Cottage Meeting or not), on Sunday, June 10 at the first Summer Brunch between services.

Blessings to all!


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