Minute for Mission: Invite

Invite team

One aspect of INVITE is overseeing the new member process. We are proud to say that despite the challenges faced over the last few months, MLC received 12 new members this summer which is our LARGEST class since INVITE took on this process! And we aren’t finished yet, we plan on leading another new member orientation to welcome a Fall class soon! 

As a Reconciling in Christ church we plan on using a portion of our budget money to send one of our Invite team members to an online training this fall to learn more about how to be an inclusive church. 

Lastly, we are working on ideas of how to best welcome visitors who attend online worship. 

On a personal note, we are thrilled to celebrate Susan Fox’s recent marriage and look forward to celebrating soon-to-be parents Rachel and Andrew Lauber who will welcome a baby boy this November!