Minute for Mission: Shepherd Program

Caring for our Flock

Messiah’s Shepherd Program is a ministry of the Care Committee. There are 14 shepherds who try to make regular contact with their “sheep.” They contact members of their “flock” once a month or so, but lately calls have been more frequent, especially to those who we know to be home-bound, somewhat isolated, or who would enjoy some conversation. Shepherds make calls, send emails, or mail cards. They strive to recognize and celebrate birthdays and special occasions. Some of our shepherds have assisted folks in figuring our how to access and listen to the Sunday service. Shepherds report to our Parish Nurse, Mary Sophia Hawks, or Pastor Susan if additional contact needed. New members who joined recently have member sponsors now but will eventually be included under the care of the shepherd program.

We are always looking for more shepherds. If you like to be in contact with people, like to visit with other member, and want to be part of this ministry, please contact Illy Wood.


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