Minute for Mission: Worship

Worship With Us

Hello Messiah community,

It has been a pleasure to provide our Sunday morning service to you via Facebook.  Our test run was on March 15, prior to our official Stay-at-Home guidelines and we officially started Online Services on March 22, 2020.  Our team and I have spent many hours reading and learning about the process to provide something that your phone does with little effort. Nowadays, you can simply grab your phone hit the “Live” button and start streaming an event that you are attending to all your Facebook friends. If you want to do a video chat, no problem. However, when it comes to producing something live that must be timed out – It is a whole other story. Does the computer have enough processing power to handle large video files or the program being used to process the video that is coming live from your camera? The audio file that is being converted as people speak must also be processed. There have been times when the video is doing one thing, but the person’s voice does not match their mouth. What is the upload speed that your internet can handle? Once you start streaming the Service it must be sent out with the correct number of bytes per second. The media, i.e. Facebook, also has specific constraints on the number of bytes per second that can be sent. Once each of these details cohesively comes together you can start streaming.

Now that you can stream the service, the rest should seem like a typical Sunday service. Church service will start, music is played, candles are lit, the cross is processed, and the Word is spoken. Now comes the human factor. Everyone needs to know exactly where to stand at just the right time. Is the microphone being utilized connected? Does the camera focus on the right area at the right time? It always comes together, but no two Sundays are alike and each provides its own individual challenges, such as events, changes in personnel, or technical difficulties.

We are continually striving to provide a very meaningful service. Our hopes for the future are to make the camera transitions smoother with more consistent levels of audio. We are also working to stream to other media sources such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and our own website. However, there are legal issues with music and service copyrights that be must adhered to, internet speeds, and cloud storage space that needs to be considered. It has been wonderful to see the number of out-of-state attendees and former members that join us. It is even more exciting that we have some new members because of our online presence.

I thank you for your generosity and patience as we navigate through this difficult time. It has been, and will continue to be, an honor and a joy to provide this service to you. Should you have any questions, concerns, advice, or wish to help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Roger Miller 


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