Pastor Pauline Farrington-Pezzino

Pastor Pauline grew up the daughter of a rural-Georgia, Southern Baptist minister whose life was spent preaching and living grace and love. She became Lutheran as an adult, which proved to be a wonderful fit for the theological framework that had shaped her life thus far. It was also a good fit for the call that God had in mind for her.

Here is her reflection on her sense of call to ordained ministry:

“I believe that, in Christ, God has reconciled the whole of humanity to God. My sense of call is grounded in a powerful longing for every single person on earth to know what Christ has already done for them so that all people may know the freedom, joy, and peace of living in his grace. I believe the world is hungry for Christ, and nothing can bring me deeper gladness than being the hands and heart of God to facilitate their being fed. Everything that matters in my life is oriented toward this call. It affects the way I see people and love them. It affects the way I make decisions. It affects the way I think and feel about myself and the world around me.”