Step 3: Ministry Assessment

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We, here at Messiah, are now in Step 3 of the Transition process.

Step 1
Current pastor resigns or retires … A celebration of ministry together.

Step 2
Congregation receives Transition/Interim Pastor(s).


Step 3 of the Transition period includes a discernment process. During this time, the congregation, along with the Transition/Interim Pastor(s), addresses any issues and/or concerns that need resolution prior to initiating the call process. Also, during this time, the Transition/Interim Pastor(s) provide continuity for pastoral leadership and care. The role of the Transition/Interim Pastor(s) includes assisting the congregation in addressing special tasks that will help strengthen the congregation’s ministry as it prepares for the new pastor.

During the Transition period, the congregation will have the opportunity to reflect, renew, grow and learn about itself. In order to do this, the Transition/Interim Pastor(s), along with the congregational leaders, will assess attendance trends, finances and stewardship, congregational participation and attitudes, leadership and organizational needs, personnel needs, spiritual needs and ministry needs, especially with an eye to seeing that everything is stable and functioning well so that when a new pastor arrives, that pastor can more ably assist the congregation in moving into their next significant phase of ministry.

The congregation may experience change as a part of the interim period. Change(s) that occur will have a purpose: to set up the next ministry well. Congregations are best prepared for such change when congregational leaders are open and communicative about any change that is coming and express sup-port for the Transition/Interim Pastor(s) who are working with them to prepare for the next ministry. More info to follow through the Cottage Meetings, the Messenger (newsletter), reports to Council and congregation, announcements, etc.

Stay tuned….

Blessings for this Journey
Pastor Norma & Pastor Larry


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