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Jun 2018
Messiah's Cottage Meetings Wrap Up

Messiah’s Cottage Meetings have been completed. There were thirteen Cottage Meetings held between April 15 and May 13. These meetings were attended by 97 people, in small groups of between 6 and 10 attendees. Many thanks to the facilitators: Pastor Larry, Debbie Hampstead, Pastor Norma, and Marta Murrell; and many thanks to the hosts: Norm & Doris Featherston, Illy Wood, Georgia & Ray Phillippi, Mary Ellen Whitson, Larry & Deanna Moeller, Debbie & Bob Hampstead, Tim & Marta Murrell, Jaclyn Levy and Beth Ford & Mike Driskill. Discussion themes were varied. They......

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May 2018
Ask Why

Both Pastor Larry and I have had specialized training in Interim Ministry. In our training (from different trainers, times and places) we were taught about the Five Primary Areas of Focus for Interim Ministry. We believe that it might be helpful for all of you to understand what Interim Ministry encompasses. Below is a brief description that we hope will help. Blessings to all as we travel this road of transition together, Pastor Norma Five Primary Areas of Focus during the discernment period of Transition Helping to organize and frame the work......

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