Things to know before you come to in-person worship…

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Thank you for attending to these before you come to worship. We need your help and cooperation so that we can limit risk and may stay open.

  1. Anyone who has signs or symptoms of illness, or who has had potential exposure to Covid-19 is asked to stay home and access the worship service on FB Live.
  2. All will be required to sign in with a telephone # and observe the 5 core actions recommended by public health experts (see posted signs). Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility.
  3. Parents are responsible to help their children observe the 5 core actions. Sharables (including crayons and toys) are ill-advised, so please bring quiet toys or coloring items from home.
  4. Masks are required for all – including leaders who are within 16 feet of the congregation and not behind the pulpit screen. Masks will be available if you have forgotten yours.
  5. Ushers will seat participants in designated areas. At the conclusion of the service, pews will be dismissed by the ushers from back to front to avoid “cross-walking”. Ushers will also provide direction as to when to approach the altar for communion.
  6. Moving around the sanctuary during the service is discouraged, except – during communion; to move children to and from the tables provided for children’s activities; or to access the bathrooms.
  7. There will be no congregational singing. (Humming with mask on properly is acceptable.)
  8. Cleaning kits will be provided in the Nave, Narthex, bathrooms, etc. Participants are asked to wipe down anything they have touched or breathed upon with cleaning cloths before leaving an area, including the pews. Wipes may be dropped in the waste cans provided.
  9. The congregation is to remain in the pews until after the postlude when ushers will dismiss them in order (see #5 above), observing appropriate physical distancing.
  10. Please respect signage indicating off-limits areas. Congregating in the Narthex, hallways or fellowship hall increases potential for contagion. Social gathering may occur outdoors only, observing physical distancing.

Keeping in mind the importance of Time, Space, People and Place, the order of worship has been shortened to limit the time that we are together in the Nave. Offering plates will be positioned at the doors. Online giving is still available and encouraged.


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