Volunteer for Leaders for Readers

Volunteer for Leaders for Readers

Brothers at Messiah (BAM) together with Great Schools Partnership is offering our members and friends the opportunity to join Leaders for Readers!

Leaders for Readers volunteers are committed to helping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students practice and grow in their reading. Volunteers pick a 1-hour schedule and stick with it consistently each week for the entire semester or, ideally, the whole school year. In that one hour, volunteers will work with up to three students individually for about 15 minutes each and note their progress.

You can learn more about Great Schools Partnership at GreatSchoolsPartnership.com. If interested and think you’d like to volunteer, please let Mike Driskill or Doug Mason know.

You will be invited to a meeting with a representative from Great Schools Partnership who will further explain the program and answer any questions.


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