Weekly Minute with Pastor Susan

Holy Communion
Pastor Susan

Happy September, dear ones!

How is that possible? This month I celebrate 1 year of being your pastor and Kristin celebrates 25 years in the Messiah church office. She’s invaluable in her position, and I’m so blessed to be able to work with her. She does so much for this congregation, much of it mostly unseen and unrecognized. But this is a shout out to her years of dedicated service, her smiling countenance that everyone who comes to the church office sees, and her patience in dealing with constant interruptions (and a new pastor who’s still learning about the people and practices here).

For me this year has been full of excitement, love, and time well spent getting to know you (or most of you, I’ve missed a few and I want to make that up). I continue to be deeply grateful to be called by God and the Church to be your pastor, and I appreciate the love and grace that has been shown me by so many. Covid shot some of my plans and ideas out of the water, but also has brought its own gifts, of a sort. I’m learning that transitions and crises can bear fruit in new and creative processes and procedures.

Creation was born out of Chaos, and still is being born anew. Let’s embrace our opportunity in such transitions and love God and each other in new ways and with different expressions. Several exciting things are coming in the next weeks:

  • This Sunday we will have our music supplemented by Jenny Adams and her flute! Yay!
  • Next Sunday, the 13th of September, we are launching our first “virtual” Adult Sunday Learning Hour after the worship service (about 11:15). It will be on Zoom and we will publish the link in next week’s e-news. The first unit will be a presentation of a video series from Sparkhouse called “Animate Bible,” a very meaningful and entertaining review of how to engage our scriptures. There are seven 15-17 minute videos, with presenters such as Nadia Bolz-Weber, Rachel Held Evans and Will Willimon. They are thought provoking and sure to spark discussion. We can even repeat one or more; they are so rich (and fast moving) that watching some of them a second time offers even greater insights.
  • On September 20 we will try our first “drive-by” communion following the 10 a.m. online worship service which will include the communion liturgy with consecration of the elements. At the conclusion of the service, all who have watched/participated in the worship will be invited to come to the church where I will be waiting in the Narthex. You may drive up and receive the elements and hear the most important words: “given for you” while remaining in  your cars. After receiving, you will move forward to make room for the next car. If there are some who want to stop and pray, you are welcome to pull into a parking space at the far end of the lot, ensuring that the flow of traffic is not blocked. I will remain vested and in the Narthex for an hour or until people have stopped coming.

I look forward to all these things, and anticipate we will have a few more “surprises” and experiments to explore in the coming months. May God continue to bless us all with health and the support of our sisters and brothers in Christ. Always joyful in the amazing abundance that is God. 

Pastor Susan


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