Weekly Minute with Pastor Susan

Weekly Minute with Pastor Susan

Dear ones,

I pray that you are all staying well and avoiding high risk places and activities as we move into our fifth month of this new, crazy life I’ve begun calling “Covid-Chaos 2020.” For many (if not most) of us this has added a layer of stress to our already complex lives. We know that intermittent stress can be good for us (that’s another article) but when it becomes chronic it can affect all aspects of our health. So please remember to do the things that keep you grounded in life and that keep you connected to God and to your community, as these will help mitigate the effects of chronic stress. Consider inviting God into your life in new ways through spiritual discipline in daily routine: prayer, meditation or contemplation, devotional reading, Bible study, singing praise, etc. 

I urge you to keep the work of this congregation in your prayers. This week both our Covid Response Team and the Worship Ministries team have met to continue to refine our response to the Covid threat. The re-opening plan is being tweaked as new information is revealed and as some of you have offered suggestions and other feedback. We still do not have a date for resuming in-person worship, but please know that many of your church leaders are paying attention to the advice of health officials and also are in communication with other congregations to learn from others’ experience. 

Last Wednesday evening, the Worship/Music team agreed to invite more people to be part of our team that produces the online worship on Sundays. We average 5-8 persons each Sunday and would love to have more of you step into roles of worship assistants, soloists, etc. If your risk level is relatively low and you feel it is safe for you to do so, and you are willing to be trained for a new-to-you role, please contact Roger Miller to discuss what you might offer. Also, from time to time we could have 1-4 additional participants (depends on the day) to round out the 10 we are allowed to have present. Masks and physical distancing will be required throughout the services for the foreseeable future. If you would like to be placed on a list of people who would like to be invited to come to worship in-person please contact Roger. We will call you when it’s your turn. 

Many of us are working diligently to prepare for re-opening when it is deemed safe to do so. We want to be prepared so the Phase II can be initiated quickly at the appropriate time. We will need extra volunteers to help set up the physical space, help with cleaning the areas that will be used (before the first in-person worship service and between services), serving as ushers or soloists, etc. Please consider offering some of your time to these efforts. You may contact anyone on the Covid Team (Craig S., Beth F., Angela K., Susan H., Roger M., or me) to indicate your willingness to help, and we will compile a list and call you when the time is approaching. 

Always in joy and love of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Susan


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