Weekly Minute with Pastor Susan

Weekly Minute with Pastor Susan

Dear ones, 

What a week we’ve had! A wedding. A funeral. Each creating its own set of decisions to be made about how to do it and comply with CDC guidelines. I’m happy to report we were able to do both while conforming with our Phase I plan. It is hard to tell families that they cannot have all their loved ones present, but in both events a lot of flexibility and clear communication about what was expected and required saved the days. Both events were streamed online on the participants’ Facebook pages. I never thought I’d be doing tele-ministry! Just one more of God’s surprises! 

On Friday I will be moving my mother into the Shannondale Retirement Center. We’ve been planning it since February, and are relieved we finally have the go-ahead. I am painfully aware of situations in which I might be exposed to the virus, and become a “vector” or carrier. So I am proceeding with extreme caution and will continue to take every possible precaution. With the new and active cases reaching record levels I do not see an end coming anytime soon. 

Now that the novelty has worn off, we are seeing reduced numbers of views of our online services. Perhaps this is the usual drop-off for the dog-days of summer, or it’s because people are not feeling connected after so much time apart. If there are other reasons you are not joining us for online worship, please send me a text or email or pick up the phone so we can talk about it. Please let us know if you have suggestions for how we might get creative in “gathering.” Watch for an announcement of fellowship events – I understand we are developing some “virtual pot lucks!” 

We are also seeing a significant drop in giving since the end of April. For those of you who write a check to the church when you attend worship at the church, I’d like to encourage you to think differently about your financial stewardship and consider online giving or the text-giving option that has just recently gotten up and running. And of course, you may send a check to the church office at any time. Your offerings are deeply appreciated and needed to continue the mission and ministry that God has called us too at Messiah. 

If, of course, your financial situation has drastically changed, please call or email Jon Toth, Financial Secretary, to make a change in your pledge. I am always willing to chat with you about any kind of significant changes in your life circumstances. All conversations will be held in confidence. 

We are navigating new waters and still can’t predict when or if we will have smooth sailing or run aground. We are all learning, and I really appreciate the grace of this congregation in regard to my missteps and my need for some time to clear my head with all the personal upheaval I’ve been experiencing.

I am so blessed by you all. Thank you. Always in gratitude and joy in walking alongside you in serving Jesus Christ!

Pastor Susan


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