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Senior Citizens

Dear ones,

Pastor Susan

More and more has been written and shared about this slump many of us are experiencing as we are going on 8 months of high anxiety and caution related to the pandemic. Historical data shows that between 6 and 8 months into a disaster, many are just tired of navigating the uncertainty of their lives. There is an increase in debilitating anxiety and exhaustion, relationship issues, and substance abuse related to this. Many of us may be feeling that way.

The good news is that getting through this period often results in an increase in energy and mental clarity. But for those in the midst of it, it’s very difficult to see the coming light. This is posted on the University of Wisconsin website from late September about what many are calling “Covid Fatigue.”

Compounded stress and exhaustion from worrying about the coronavirus is leading to “COVID Fatigue,” a shorthand way of talking about an overall sense of exhaustion based on the combination of challenges people are facing during the pandemic .As a result, health care providers are seeing an increase in people who are feeling defeated, burned out and engaging in risky behaviors that can increase the spread of the coronavirus. Patients are also reporting higher levels of depression, anxiety, and alcohol and drug dependency as the pandemic persists. As a result, the next challenge is to flatten the mental health curve. (https://www.uwhealth.org/news/managing-covid-fatigue-is-crucial-to-our-health-and-wellbeing-during-the-pandemic/53530) 

Let’s all be especially mindful that those around us may be really struggling about now and be especially kind and generous with one another. We are all experiencing losses in this time, and it’s hard on everybody. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, please reach out to someone who can help you. As your pastor I can pray with you and talk about whether this is something you can handle on your own or if you may need a little extra care. 

This Sunday we will celebrate the 503rd anniversary of the Reformation. Our festivities will be more subdued than usual, and we cannot all gather together for worship but we can enjoy some amazing music and “gather” virtually. We are welcoming up to 50 in worship here at the church, but those at home will be present in spirit, and can drive by the church to receive the sacrament after worship.

We ask all who are physically present to follow all the recommendations for safety so that we might continue such joyful gatherings. We are praying mightily that the numbers of Covid cases diminish so that this will be possible, and that soon we will be able to welcome more in corporate worship. We will stay in touch if there are indications that we might have to slow the process down again.

In great love for each of you, and joy in serving God in this time and place! 

Pastor Susan


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